The grass is rarely greener, but it's always different

Year 2017 review and resolutions

Every time a new year passes by I feel a mix of two reactions: on one side, my first impression is always of a slight disappointment, as if I had not accomplished enough or hadn't made much more of a change compared to how I was when the year first started.

Then, I try to keep a cold mind and start enumerating the nice, interesting things I have done and learned, as well as all the new friendships made and the strengthening of existing ones.


I don't really count Belgium since this is my third year living here, and 2018 will start as my fourth year outside my beloved Spain.

I have been to quite some nice places though. Some of them I had already been there, some of them were new, but mostly I prioritized people over places themselves. Almost every new city or country I went to was due to the interest in catching up with old friends or traveling together for a long weekend. There is however one long-trip exception. I don't have the places noted down so I'll try to draw them directly from memory.

Most of the places I went to were due to friends living there, visiting over, or just an excuse to make a small trip. Reunion Island was the best trip I have ever done in my life. The island is a Département d'Outre Mer belonging to France, a small island in the Indic Ocean, next to Madagascar and Mauritius, is a paradise on earth, a territory full of incredible mountains, beautiful views, amazing food, and unbelievably welcoming people.

A hodgepodge of cultures, religions, and origins. A hidden oasis for those who seek an inner voyage.

Best. Place. Ever.

Work & Technologies

The year started quite strong, I moved in October to the Semantic Technology branch of my company in the last part of the year 2016 and I had to learn quite fast all the new technologies and stacks that were used in my new team. I won't make an exhaustive list, just some things where I feel I have sensibly improved.

General Learning


I have not done as much sport this year as I would've liked but I've had my fair share of fun.

New Year 2018 Resolutions

That's it. I think I will be able to do all of them.

Have fun!