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I'm Esteban

I'm the CTO and co-founder of TheGoodPsy, an online platform that aims to be the one-stop-shop for online therapy.

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I'm from 🇪🇸, but lived in 🇧🇪 for many years and worked as a Fullstack Developer for several software companies spanning different industries such as logistics, digital payments, or health ERPs.

After some time working in tech, I wanted to experience a customer-facing job in a different industry, so I worked for a year as a Salesperson for a tourist beer shop in Brussels. That time taught me invaluable lessons about communicating & soft skills, and from that moment on my interest in the humane side of technology started to grow.

There is a broad variety of topics and industries that intrigue me: history, finance, proptech, agri-tech, AI/ML, and pixel art! I try to stay ahead of the curve by constantly learning and honing my skills. I am also interested and constantly learning about ethical entrepreneurship, marketing, and business.

This blog serves as the front page where I write about my learnings, small tutorials, and pet projects.

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