The grass is rarely greener, but it's always different

Startup Nuggets Series

I've had the idea of writing a blog post about the things I've learned over almost two years of co-founding my startup, Websie.

Normally I would be working on a non-tech related task, such as writing an entry in Notion for a new feature for a developer to implement, or dealing with the back & forth of expectations when hiring a freelancer for a given task, and it strikes me: "I could write a nice blog post about the lesson I'm taking out of this".

So I jot the learning down, try to add a couple more observations I've had while working on something similar and promise to myself to get back to adding more valuable fragments to the list to eventually have a big enough one to share.

It never happens. I end up having a scattered amount of information about different dimensions of building a startup (e.g. tech, teamwork, equity..) also in different mediums (notion lists, a couple sentences in a piece of paper, a couple others in an email I send to myself, etc).

In the end, I think I never have enough stuff to fill a post, or that what I say is unnecessary cruft because everyone is sharing life-changing startup advice on Twitter anyway.

So I think I will "unbundle" and just share my thoughts as they come, piece by piece, chunk by chunk.


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