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Sabbatical two months update


Hello! It has been a long time since I last updated. I left my job and Belgium two months ago at the end of February to give myself some perspective and travel a bit.

I've kept myself busy ever since. I wanted to create a small update to gather all the things that have attracted my interest since I stopped my daily job. Additionally, I find useful to enumerate some of the things I have in my backlog and I hope to tackle as soon as I have time.

Unfortunately I have been quite disconnected to technical writing and messing around with software projects, but I will try to go back as soon as I can.

Things I've done

  • I fixed my bike at home.
  • I started with the A2 motorcycle permit, and passed already the first test.
  • I started learning lockpicking and I managed to open two locks so far!
  • I wrote a quick & dirty scraper in python to automate some downloads.
  • I started learning arabic with Mondly, but I have stopped with it for now.
  • I have started reading an investment book to learn the basics.
  • I learnt Wordpress and I created & sketched what is going to be my alternate site, mostly oriented towards travel articles and reflections: I will try to reflect my musings and experiences over this sabbatical time there.
  • I booked a flight to Singapore. I will start my trip from there.
  • I did a job coaching online course to try to figure out my next steps.

Things I want to do

  • I want to become proficient in Emacs, but this looks like a lifelong task.
  • I want to dive deep in a functional language. I keep doubting between Clojure, Common Lisp and Scala.
  • I want to learn more about Web Assembly.
  • I want to learn more about the blockchain.
  • I want to do some challenges in Hackattic.
  • And of course, keep up with the things I have already started with.

This is it, hopefully when I start traveling I will be more prolific with my articles.

Have fun!

- 1 toast