The grass is rarely greener, but it's always different

Sabbatical five months update

Wow time flies! Three months since the last review of my time spent during sabbatical have gone by. I thought it would be useful to take a whole afternoon to reflect on the steps I've taken and also think about the direction I want to take.

Things I've done & learnt so far

Things I would like to do

I think it is better to keep this to myself, there are so many things that I am afraid that if I share all them and don't do at least the majority, I come out as a failure. Better this way.


This months have given me quite a good perspective about life, myself and traveling. I've come to realize that success means different things to different people and that traveling as a means to achieve some kind of inner peace is often irrevelant, as that peace must come from whithin. I am definitely still working on that.

Have fun!