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My experience at Nosday 2022

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This past Saturday 17th September I had the chance of assisting to the Nosday 2022 edition in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain.

It's been around 6 months since I came to live back to my hometown in Galicia after so long living in Belgium. After some time here I started connecting back to old university classmates. Some I contacted directly, some I just stumbled upon in the street, it is a small city here 😄.

One of them had created a startup some 4 years ago and was quite active in the local startup ecosystem so I got to participate in a couple of events and he'd introduce me to some interesting people as well. He'd mention the Nosday as the best startup event happening in our region yearly and encouraged me to tag along this year, he'd insist on the quality of the talks and the amazing and interesting people you get to know there.

I decided to join him and he was not wrong. For the first half of the day they took us to a pleasant food court in the center called La Galiciana. The atmosphere was amazing.

There, I saw another entrepreneur I met in a previous event that had been working in computer-vision real-time production software for gamers that would record your screen while you were streaming and be able to extract your best plays and add visual effects.

I met one guy that had worked in almost all the FAANGs and would eventually move to work in smaller but more impactful startups.

I met a woman that was the cofounder of a forensics & security startup and pivoted from the technical side to a more business-like (CEO) role while still staying technical.

I discussed with another guy that would be developing a similar product like our own TheGoodPsy but with a more B2B approach right from the infancy of the platform.

And many more.

After lunch, we moved to the conference venue where multiple entrepreneurs talked about their journeys and how they got to the point of sustained profitability or direct exit. It was exciting and inspiring.


I wasn't able to sleep much the day before so I couldn't stay for the after-event networking session as I was exhausted but I felt like my day had been great and well invested. I got to know various people that worked on cool projects and hopefully keep seeing what they do in the future.

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Have fun!

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