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Big Data Integrator (BDI) Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

In the Big Data Europe framework, the Big Data Integrator is an application that can be thought as a "starter kit" to start working and implementing big data pipelines in your process. It is the minimal standalone system so you can create a project with multiple docker containers, upload it & make it run using a nice GUI.


You can think of the Big Data Integrator as a placeholder. It acts as a "skeleton" application where you can plug & play different big data services from the big data europe platform, and add and develop your own.

At it's core it is a simple web application that will render each different service's frontends inside it, so it is easy to navigate between each system providing a sense of continuity in your workflow.

The basic application to start from is constituted of several components:

That service will be the "referee" that imposes the steps defined in the workflow builder. For more information check it's repository.

Systems are organized following a microservices architecture and run together using a docker-compose script, some of them sharing microserviecs common to all architectures, like the identifier, dispatcher, or resource. This is a more visual representation of the basic architecture:


Installation & Usage

How to add new services

    image: bde2020/new-service-frontend:latest
    - csswrapper
    - identifier:backend
    - "80"
    VIRTUAL_PORT: "80"
  "data": [
    ...etc .. ,
      "id": 1,
      "type": "user-interfaces",
      "attributes": {
        "label": "My new Service",
        "base-url": "",
        "append-path": ""

Have fun with it!

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