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New Year's Resolutions for 2022

Another year another corny-ass new year's resolutions post! It seems to make no sense to state the word "another" in the first sentence, but the crushing reality is that for the last two years I sought out to write my new year's resolutions blog post around 28th December and by the 10th January of the next year my best intentions already faded and those posts were never written. So by putting this baby into writing I already got one of those resolutions done!.

I prefer to be overly ambitious and aim to do a lot of realistically viable things and most likely only do a subset of them, rather than aiming for grandiose goals that entail a lot of prior education or preparation before. In hindsight, I realize my goals are slowly moving away from trying new things to find the stuff I truly like, towards doubling down on the activities I've enjoyed and sparked my interest since I was in my late teens and early twenties.

This is a good thing, now in my early thirties I started to have a clearer vision of my priorities, moral grounds, and tastes, and despite still being open to experiment, I no longer tolerate things that harm my life (say giving opportunities to hang out to people you know deep inside you you don't like).

Here's the list in no particular order or classification:

  • I am going to spend at least 1 month working somewhere in the Caribbean🐠 or Southeast Asia to try remote work in a secluded place, somewhere far from central and western Europe.
  • I am going to try at least one month of full vegetarian diet🥬 to see the impact of it on my body and evaluate the pros and cons.
  • I am going to make my first real estate investment🏠 in Spain. I still have no clear idea of what and how, but I think it's a great goal with multiple positive outcomes:
    • I'll have to study the current state of real estate opportunities in my home country.
    • I'll have to study the investing process in real estate: statistics, trends, location, new building or home renovation, mortgages, reselling or long-term renting, etc..
    • I'll have to revisit my savings & money management strategy.
    • I'll have to learn about property taxes.
    • I'll have to learn about property management.
  • I am going to go back to boxing🥊. I remember feeling amazing while I was doing it, and despite I never really stop doing sports, the intensity has gotten weaker. I will get rid of my incoming early-thirties-beer-drinking-getting-way-too-comfy-belly.
  • On an ironic note, I want to brew my first beer🍺.
  • I want to do a long route on a motorcycle in Spain🏍️.
  • I will read 3 novels and 3 business books📚.
  • I would love to get my A1 diploma in Arabic العربية, but I don't have a routine and I move quite a bit so this might be a stretch, but I'd love it.

That's it. Hopefully, everyone gets to achieve the goals they propose for themselves.

Have fun!

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