There are no fixed rules that work on every situation

Writing Other Content

For the last 8 months I have been working at Beer Planet and I took over the task of improving the shop's online presence in Instagram and Facebook. I am still thinking of a comfortable way of using Twitter and Linkedin and ads for the matter, but that's a future endeavor.

Every once in a while I redact informational posts I might find interesting based on common questions many clients ask, misunderstandings about processes or nomenclature, or pure curiosity from my side. Initially I was a tad reluctant to post the content in my personal blog since it revolves mainly around tech or reflections mostly tech related too.

However, posts on instagram have this volatile aura that pushes me to post them here too. Additionally, this is my blog, and it is my content, I am also comfortable with the fact of owning what I produce to a degree. Moreover, there is no limit, restriction or constraint to the range of topics I might tackle in the future, but this stands as a nice disclaimer of such. This being said, have fun!


- 1 toast